get-AERO! – the new innovative aerodynamic-test

get-AERO! sets new benchmarks in aerodynamics. That the battle against drag gets more and more important, not only for time trialists, but also for triathletes and cyclists, is well known. When it comes to personal bests, time savings or the optimal performance, the athlete's aerodynamic in combination with his bike and his equipment is an essential factor!

With get-AERO! we developed a new aerodynamic test, which is for amateurs and professionals equally. Step by step we bring every athlete in the individual best aero-position; whether on the time trial bike, triathlon bike or race bike. We combine our know-how and our experiences exclusively with the innovative Alphamantis-system, which measures drag (CdA-value) of the athlete in real-time.

Jan Frodeno Sitzposition auf der Radbahn in Augsburg