The STAPS team

Our expert team for your athletic goals

Our expert team for your athletic goals

We are a young and ambitious team consisting of sports scientists and trainers from different disciplines of endurance sports. All STAPS trainers are graduates or students in the fields of performance physiology and sport science. Together, our team stands out through its broad range of expertise. Hence, we are able to provide ideal coaching with regard to the topics of exercise, dietary questions, and bike fitting. We combine the newest findings in sports science with our long experience in professional and amateur sports.

We have achieved our own goal already: we were able to make our hobby a profession and can live our passion for endurance sports. This enables us to accompany you on your way to your goals!

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Björn GeesmannBjörn Geesmann

Björn is the managing director of STAPS and an expert in ultra endurance performances and aero optimization in cycling and triathlon. From amateur athlete to the world’s elite – the passionate cyclist has accompanied countless athletes on their way to success.

Björn finished his studies (Master of Science “Exercise Science and Coaching”) in 2012 at the German Sport University Cologne (GPA: 1.5) and wrote his master thesis about physiological effects of ultra endurance performances. Since 2013, he has been a doctoral candidate researching about “Energetics in ultra endurance performances”. He has been part of the STAPS team since 2008 and has mentored more than 250 athletes of various performance levels.

His greatest successes as a coach: German champion road (2015) and time trial (2016) with Trixi Worrack, 5th & 10th in solo class at the RAAM 2014 (Stefan Schlegel & Guido Löhr), winner and track record in double team at the Race Across America 2014 (Heinemann XP-Team), Ironman European Champion and Ironman World Champion (AK 30-34) in 2013 as well as professional wins at Ironman Kalmar 2015 and Ironman Barcelona 2016 with Astrid Stienen. More than 15 world championship qualifications over the Ironman and 70.3 distance, countless successes with the Tirol Cycling Team and the athletic development towards the World Tour athletes of e.g. Gregor Mühlberger and Lukas Pöstlberger.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Hosea Frick

Hosea Frick

Since 2014, Hosea has been a sports scientist with our team and mentors athletes from different performances classifications. The leader of the Munich institute worked on muscular regeneration after extreme performances in his master thesis making him the expert in the field of regeneration.

Hosea finished his Bachelor of Science in “Sport and Performance” at the German Sports University Cologne with a GPA of 1.7 and wrote his bachelor thesis about the influence of vibrations to wheel strain. He wrote his master thesis about muscular regeneration after extreme performances and finished his master’s degree “Exercise Science and Coaching” successfully with a GPA of 1.7. Since 2014, Hosea has been part of the STAPS team and working with countless athletes from various disciplines. Besides the mentoring of our STAPS athletes, he is also the head of the Munich institute.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Marc Sauer

Marc Sauer

Marc is a passionate marathon runner and is in the transformation process to become a triathlete. During studies, the leader of our Hamburg institute worked on physical stress in the space exploration and incorporates his expertise into our training concepts.

Marc’s current marathon personal best is 3:00:38h. After his studies of sports science at the University of Constance, Marc attended a Master of Science program in “Exercise Science & Coaching” (GPA: 1.5) at the German Sports University Cologne until 2015. He gained first experiences during his studies in the field of space physiology and worked for the German Center for Aerospace. Since 2014, he has been part of the STAPS team and mentored e.g. the Norwegian RYE XP-Team on their way to an impressive win at the cycling race Trondheim-Oslo in 2015 and 2016. With the opening of our institute in Hamburg, Marc moved here in 2015 and is the head of this location since then.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Jonas Kraienhorst

Jonas Kraienhorst

Jonas has been part of the STAPS team since 2011 and, besides athlete mentoring, he is responsible for the field of aero and bike fittings. He has coached countless athletes of the world’s elite of cycling and triathlon with respect to aerodynamics lasting the past months.

Jonas got his Bachelor of Science in “Sports and Performance” in 2013 at the German Sport University of Cologne and wrote his bachelor thesis about the “Monitoring of parameters of energy and liquidity during an ultra endurance performance” (grade: 1.3). Since 2013, he has been studying for his master’s degree in “Exercise Science & Coaching” at said university and is writing his master thesis about the physiological effects of the “Race Across America”. At STAPS, he is mainly responsible for the sector of aero fittings; athletes of the teams Katusha Alpecin and Movistar as well as the triathletes Boris Stein, Patrick Lange, Andi Böcherer & co. rely on his aero expertise. Furthermore, he is an expert in ultra endurance. In 2011, he supervised the Heinemann XP Team at the Paris-Brest-Paris, in 2014, he won the Race Across America with said team and set the current track record for dual team.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Martin Benthack

Martin Benthack

Martin is a graduate at the German Sport University Cologne and has been a part of the Hamburg-based STAPS team since 2016. The hobby mountain biker completed an exchange semester in New Zealand and wrote his bachelor thesis at the institute for cellular and molecular sports medicine at the German University of Sports.

Martin graduated from the German Sport University Cologne with a bachelor’s degree “Sports and Performance” in 2015. His thesis studied the influence of a liver receptor on the development of specific muscles in mice. Since April 2016, Martin has been part of the STAPS team. He is based at our Hamburg location and from there he is mentoring several triathletes, cyclists and runners who he mentors on their path to success.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Lukas Naegele

Lukas Naegele

Born in Freiburg, he studied sport sciences in Cologne and Freiburg and has been supporting our team since 2016. Besides his academic expertise, Lukas brings his vast running experience to the table. Lukas’ current marathon personal best is 2:26:34h.

In 2013, Lukas wrote his bachelor thesis at German Sport University Cologne about metabolic and hormonal effects after specific types of performances on the bicycle. Afterwards, he moved back to Freiburg, mainly because of better training conditions, where he successfully completed his master studies. His studies did not prevent him from pursuing his athletic goals. In 2014, 2015 and 2017, he won the Freiburg marathon. Meanwhile he has started engaging in trail running and won the Zugspitz trail run in 2016.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Caroline Schneider

Caroline Schneider

Before Caroline joined the Cologne STAPS team in 2016, she completed her master’s studies at John Moores University in Liverpool, UK. There, the former athlete tested the performance potential of players of the FC Liverpool.

During her bachelor studies in Saarbrücken, the sports scientist from Trier gained experience at the institute of sports and preventive medicine. At the Olympic Center Saarbrücken, she supervised endurance athletes as well as soccer teams of varying performance levels and conducted sports medicine examinations.
Her bachelor thesis dealt with the effects of high-intensity interval training for cyclists and tested the body’s reaction to 25 30-second sprints. During her master studies in “Sports and Exercise Physiology”, she was awarded for academic excellence.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Yannick Nodler

 Yannick Nodler

Since the beginning of 2017, Yannick has been supporting the STAPS team in Hamburg. His own athletic experience was not gained in endurance sports, but he looks back on a successful athletic career.

Yannick was part of the STAPS team in 2013/2014, during his bachelor studies. In 2014, he completed his bachelor studies at the German University of Sport. His bachelor thesis deals with the effects of squats and the application of electro stimulation on endurance performance. Yannick is holder of a C-license for track athletics and has won several trophies in pole vault, hurdles, and decathlon. He gained experience in working in performance diagnostics and training supervision at the Swiss Olympic Medical Center in Basel and the Olympic Center Rhineland. He also graduated at German Sport University of Cologne with a master’s degree. There, he worked at the institute for movement and neurological science with athletes such as the basketball team of Rheinstars Köln. His master thesis was about the effects of eccentric weight lifting on power and sprint parameters.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Benjamin Schwan

Benjamin Schwan

There is no keeping back for Benjamin when there are some studded tires around. When he is not working on the athletes’ performance at STAPS institute in Cologne, he works on his own fitness. The sport scientist has been a passionate mountain biker for 20 years and loves national marathon races.

Theory without practice is only worth half and vice versa. This is why Benjamin commits himself to both in equal parts. He is a cycling coach, wrote papers on “The influence of a 40 km time trial on the Wingate sprint and vice versa“ (Bachelor) and on “Individual fatigue diagnostics in cycling“ (Master) and worked as a research assistant at the University of Saarland. In order not only to stimulate his mind, but also his body, Benjamin regularly climbs on his mountain bike – gladly also with a race number attached to its handlebars. As national instructor MTB, he coaches Saarland’s young cross-country riders – and as coach at STAPS’, he helps athletes make their training more efficient and goal-oriented. No matter whether they ride bikes with studded tires or slicks.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Niklas Lehnen

Niklas Lehnen

Niklas likes to take a closer look. The sport scientist with a Master degree is an expert in the field of bike fitting, running analysis and performance diagnostics. In 2017, he started working with STAPS and sees to it that athletes manage to get a whole lot of pressure on their bikes’ pedals.

Niklas studied at the Deutsche Sporthochule Köln (German University of Sports in Cologne) and became a staff member of STAPS in 2017. During his Bachelor studies (“B.Sc. Sport and Performance“) the former football and tennis player focused on strength and athletic training besides endurance training and worked, among others, with tennis players. Already back then, he worked for STAPS in Cologne and wrote his thesis on high-intensity interval training. He wrote a thesis for his Master degree (“M.Sc. Exercise Science & Coaching“) about the simultaneous application of electro stimulation during endurance training. After his graduation he at first worked as coach and bike fitter in Berlin and has now returned home to Rhineland – where he will not only stand besides the fitting bike at STAPS laboratory, but also at some starting lines of local license races.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Johnny Pölt

Johannes Pölt

Johannes “Johnny“ Pölt is our man for anything moved by pedaling force. He is a road cyclist, mountain biker and cyclo-cross rider. It is no surprise that he therefore is our expert in bike technology – and in 2017 became a bike fitter with STAPS institute in Munich.

Life without a bike is possible, but pointless. Therefore Johnny turned his passion into his profession and completed an apprenticeship to become a bike mechanic. He then worked for some of Munich’s best bike shops and well-known brands like Trek or Bianchi, but soon realized that repairing and selling bikes was not enough to make his biker heart beat faster. He therefore joined our partners at gebioMized to learn the art of bike fitting in order to be able to help athletes find a better riding position. As he knows biomechanics just as well as cycling equipment, bike technology and adjustment, every athlete gets to be VIP – very individual positioned.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Claudia Uhl

Claudia Uhl

Claudia is an all-rounder when it comes to sports science. He is an expert in nutrition, performance diagnostics, training control, strength and athletic training, worked as coach, lecturer, research assistant – an joined the STAPS team of coaches in Munich in 2017.

If you started your athletic career as apparatus gymnast, you’ll probably have a similarly great body control as Claudia. Her favorite sports to prove it in currently are mountain biking and rock climbing. Besides lots of vertical meters the sport scientist has collected numerous professional references. Claudia has an A license in functional training, is a kettlebell instructor, Bachelor of Science „Scientific basics of sport“ and excellently completed her Master studies “Training and diagnostics“ at the Technical University of Munich in 2017. Ideal conditions to help our athletes reach new performance heights.

Markus Hein

Markus Hein actually has a degree in biology. However, the ambitious triathlete was soon more interested in how endurance training affects the human body than in human genetics, which is why he completed a Master of Exercise Science and Coaching at the German Sport University Cologne (DSHS).

He finished his master thesis on the intensification of endurance training with EMS with a grade of 1.4. This was followed by jobs at the Institute for Training Science of the DSHS, the C-Trainerschein Leistungssport Triathlon (C-level coaching certificate in competitive triathlon) and a scientific collaboration at the Institute for Sports Medicine at the Medical University of Hanover. Now Markus belongs to the Hamburg STAPS team. But because the former German short-distance and multiple Lower Saxony state champion on the sprint distance, who also is capable of finishing an Ironman race in 9:28 hours, is bored by one “discipline” only, he is at the same time also working on his doctoral thesis on the effects of altitude training.

Lisa Robb

Do good and talk about it. Because even the best training concept is useless if the athletes don't know it exists, Lisa Robb takes care of the marketing strategy of STAPS and keeps our fans and friends up to date via social media about what's going on in our various institutes.

She has the know-how for this thanks to a bachelor's degree in "Marketing/Technical Business Administration" at HAW Hamburg, to which she added a master's degree at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. She received a stunning 1.3 grade for her master's thesis on influencer marketing. In order to supplement the study theory with work practice, Lisa already worked in marketing during her studies. Since she's 14 years old, she's been competing in bicycle races for her club, won various Baden-Wuerttemberg state championship titles in the junior section and also started in the state squad. It was a logical consequence to combine her professional skills with her sporting passion. And since she’s been coached for some time by STAPS colleague Marc Sauer, the manager of our Hamburg institute, it quickly became clear where she could put this plan into practice. Nevertheless, her cycling career has not suffered: Lisa rides in the women's Bundesliga, took 9th place at the German Championships and in the Bundesliga overall standings in 2018, finished several times in the top 25 in international UCI races and won the German students' championship title.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Patrick Marseille

Patrick Marseille

Patrick has always been fascinated by athletic performance and what it is influenced by. Once an ambitious road and track cyclist himself, the sport scientist joined the STAPS crew in 2017 as a coach to support athletes in their quest for their personal best.

Being a former competitive athlete, Patrick knows from experience how important structured training is to reach one’s full potential as an athlete. He laid the theoretical foundations with a license as a fitness coach, a vocational training to become trainer for popular sport and a Bachelor of Science “Scientific basics of sport“ at the Technical University of Munich that he completed with an A grade thesis about “Choking under pressure – the influence of pressure-related attention processes and position orientation on the performance of automated motion sequences. He is currently working on his Master in “Sport and Exercise Science“ and shares his knowledge in the fields of athletic training, training control and performance diagnostics at STAPS in Munich.

Die Experten für Training, Ernährung und Sitzpositionen im Radsport und Triathlon - Sebastian Weber

Sebastian Weber

Sebastian founded STAPS in 2006 and is still part of the family. He has been head coach for many years in manifold World-Tour teams and received an award at the Germany Sports University Cologne for the best graduation grade within the shortest period of time.

After his degree in sports science, Sebastian started his career in professional cycling as part of the newly formed “Team Telekom” in 2007. He then mentored Team HTC-Highroad from 2008-2011, Team Katusha in 2012 and 2013 as well as Team Cannondale from 2014-2016. Besides his team coach activities, Sebastian coaches professional cyclists such as Tony Martin and has won several international trophies during his career. He developed the STAPS method at the German Sport University Cologne and founded the STAPS institute in 2006, which he is still working for as a consultant.