Die einzigartige Philosophie im Training und in der Leistungsdiagnostik

Performance diagnostics




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Performance diagnostics

It all started more than 10 years ago at the German Sport University (DSHS) in Cologne. There, as young sport students, we made our first experiences in the field of training support of endurance athletes. Back then we often found that the lactate threshold test which was a classic at that time, was not only imprecise, but also provided very little information on the individual training of athletes.

Therefore, we developed a special test method: STAPS diagnostics. It is not only more precise, but also provides information on physiology and energy metabolism of the respective athlete. Thanks to our diagnostics and the training recommendations and plans deriving from it, STAPS has become the most successful training institute in the German-speaking area in the past few years. No matter whether you are a hobby athlete or World Champion – STAPS is your top address on your journey to athletic success!

STAPS diagnostics – more precise than traditional methods!

Traditional performance diagnostics like the classic lactate threshold test often are imprecise what shows at the latest when the results are transferred to the training. Deviations amounting to ± 10 percent cause a considerable difference between diagnostics- and training data.

As we did not want to use imprecise data for your training, we developed STAPS diagnostics: Deviation of this method only amounts to one to two percent and therefore is more than five times as precise as traditional methods.

Vorbereitung einer professionellen Leistungsdiagnostik

VLamax – the opponent of your performance!

The backgrounds of your athletic performance are measurable! The “anaerobic threshold“ determines your performance and is physiologically the balance of lactate production and removal. What is more decisive, however, is how aerobic and anaerobic metabolism interrelate.

With the STAPS method we do not only measure your aerobic metabolism (VO2max), but also determine your anaerobic metabolism (VLamax) – the “opponent“ of your performance. By doing so, we disclose your individual physiology and are able to plan your training very efficiently and effectively!

You would like to detect your physiological strengths and weaknesses?

With our performance diagnostics we will create your physiological profile and advise you on training matters!

Nutrition is a part of training – and it is adjusted to your training plan!

Training plans that do not consider nutrition? Not very promising! Therefore, we analyze your eating habits, advise you on this matter and give you nutritional instructions for training and racing. We always consider nutrition in training.

We think that nutrition is a decisive part of successful training. The scientific background of our sport scientists and our very own studies in this field led to our very high level of expertise that we would love to transfer to your training.

Alles geben beim Radtraining

Training Data – we analyze your training and racing!

Hardly any other discipline provides as much training and racing data as cycling and triathlon. At the latest since the first power meter was introduced 25 years ago, training has become not only controllable to the second, but also races have become perfectly paceable.

We use the multitude of training and race data to optimize your training. To do so, we analyze the data from your performance diagnostics as well as your power meter or running data, take advantage of training platforms or collect nutritional data.

Lauftraining am Strand

STAPS Training

You have a new personal best or a certain placing in mind? It is, at the same time, important to you that training besides work and family is as efficient and effective as possible? We are your top address to lift your training to a new level and to accompany you on your way to athletic success!

Different physiological preconditions, various race and training goals as well as work and family make hobby athletes as well as pros unique athletes. All these aspects are considered by your personal STAPS coach in your individual training support and prepare you for your athletic goals. Our experienced sport scientists are your go-to persons when you’ve got any questions about training and nutrition.

You want training support with performance diagnostics included?

Become a STAPS athlete and reach your athletic goals with our coaches!

STAPS Aero- & BikeFit

The decisive prerequisite to a successful development of performance on the bike is a unity of athlete, equipment and bike. For an ideal riding position two criteria are relevant: your aerodynamics – and with it an air resistance that is as low as possible – as well as your stability and comfort on the saddle. We offer you various bike fittings in our laboratories or on the track in which our experts analyze your riding or aero position by means of state-of-the-art technology. This way, we will find the ideal discipline-specific position for you step by step!

Our bike fittings take place in our highly technological gebioMized concept labs that are characterized by state-of-the-art video analysis, pressure measurements at the contact points saddle, foot and arm pads as well as the option of custom-made saddles and insoles. Our aero optimizations in which our aero fitter measure your air resistance in real time and find the individual position that combines perfect aerodynamics and ideal stability take place on indoor tracks.

Bike fitting – our expertise meets state-of-the-art technology

Our bike fittings are based on a dynamic movement analysis combined with the most innovative measurement technology. Video analyses and pressure measurements in our gebioMized concept lab represent the gold standard of position analysis and we use them to analyze and optimize your riding position.

No matter whether you want to cross the Alps, ride a marathon or participate in a time trial – we have the ideal fitting to bring out your full potential. We furthermore offer you custom-made saddles and insoles for fine-tuning.

Analyse für optimale Sitzposition

get-AERO! – aero optimization for pro and hobby riders

More than 80% of the individual air resistance are made up by the human body and depend on the riding position. With STAPS get-AERO! we therefore developed a aerodynamic optimization method that is ideal for hobby riders as well as for pros.

On an indoor track we will find your ideal aero position step by step; no matter whether you want to ride on a time trial-, triathlon- or road bike. To do so, we combine our know-how and our experience exclusively with the innovative Alphamantis system that measures your air resistance (CdA value) in real time.

Use your full potential – with our Aero- and BikeFits

From Alpine crossing to triathlon long-distance race – we got the ideal fitting for you!