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Science with STAPS: the anaerobic threshold

Science with STAPS – we explain things! Individual anaerobic threshold, aerobic threshold, 4 mmol threshold and so on … There probably are many more terms to describe this “mysterious“ threshold so many pieces have been written and lectures been held on. Instead of wasting time defining a name for this threshold, we would rather like […]

Science with STAPS: VLamax – fuel and opponent at the same time!

VO2max is well known, VLamax as well? VO2max is a term that has been used in endurance sports increasingly often in the past months. Several years ago, only “insiders“ like sport scientists and coaches knew what it meant, meanwhile also ambitious age group athletes employ the term. This is no surprise as it is mentioned […]

Science with STAPS: efficient winter training, please!

The new season is approaching – that’s for sure. Therefore, it is time to slowly, but surely get yourself prepared for it: let the winter training begin! When thinking of training in winter many think of cold temperatures, early dawn and often even wet conditions. It is known that an indoor trainer provides the opportunity […]

Coached by STAPS – our training supports

“I don’t need a coach, I am not a pro after all.” At STAPS we often get to hear statements like this when we tell someone what we do. Also “I am not good enough for a coach – it is not worth the effort” is something people often tell us. A well-structured training is, […]