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"Die individuelle Trainingsbetreuung und die kontinuierliche Arbeit an meiner aerodynamischen Position schätze ich an STAPS bereits seit Jahren."

Daniela Bleymehl

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The professional triathlete from Darmstadt is not only a member of the Erdinger-Alkoholfrei team but also mother to a son. She has been passionate about triathlon since the age of twelve. Although she is still young, Daniela has made her mark in long-distance competitions: she won the Ironman Mallora in 2015 and came in third in the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt in 2016.

Since 2017, Daniela has put her trust in our know-how: we assist her in the fields of performance diagnostics, counselling on sports science, and aerodynamics testings.

“I am very grateful to have STAPS as a strong partner. Regular performance diagnostics are essential to adapt my professional training. Furthermore, the velodrome has helped me shape my sitting position and aerodynamics. We’ve been able to improve things significantly: my position on the bike is more stable, more comfortable, and more aerodynamic to an extent that can even be measured.”

We are looking forward to seeing Daniela’s further development and wish her all the best for the future!

Tony Martins Vorbereitung im Kampf um das gelbe Trikot der Tour de France

Tony Martin

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Our most successful cyclist? Tony Martin! The numerous stage winner of the Tour de France, 4-times time trial world champion (2011, 2012, 2013, 2016) and Olympia second (2012) has been working with STAPS for many years and trusts our philosophy.

After his successful U23 period Tony started his first WorldTour season in the HTC-Highroad team in 2008, which has been supervised by STAPS from 2008 to 2011. During these three years, we accompanied Tony and the whole team and contributed to their process to become the most successful team on the world during that time.

Since his professional start, Tony has been trained by the STAPS founder Sebastian Weber and does not only trust our STAPS test procedure, but also out training philosophy. Since 2017, Tony has been cycling for the Katusha Alpecin team, with which we also have a partner-like cooperation. His successes during his professional career have so far been impressive: between 2011 and 2016 he secured the time trial world champion title four times. Thus far, he had five stage accomplishments during the Tour de France and has worn the yellow jersey in 2015.

Trixi Worrack

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When talking about Trixi Worrack and STAPS coach Björn Geesmann’s athletic relationship, one can safely say that sparks were flying immediately - which is backed up by both of them. 35-year-old Trixi, who’s riding for the German CanyonSRAM racing Team, has provided impressive successes since they started their liaison three years ago: In 2015 she won the German Championship on the road and in 2016 even a bad crash during the spring couldn’t hold her back from winning the German championship for individual time trial.

When comparing this season’s preparation to earlier times, much has changed. During the beginning of Trixi’s career she submitted to the classical training with high scopes, although she knew better, which consists of hours of fundamental endurance driving paired with high intensities during racing. „Back then it worked out, many followed this training, but today it’s simply not possible anymore since we have to be in good form for races during the springtime.“, Trixi, now living in Erfurt, explains. „I have to say that my training has turned out to be much more qualitative as of now, and if I were to project, I do ride less than before.“

Alberto Kunz

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A time trialist, who has taken part in national and international races in his special discipline during the past decades, will know who Alberto Kunz is. He has been the Masters-World Champion in time trial, two-times Master-Vice World Champion in time trial, Masters-Vice World Champion on the road and won numerous national champion titles — this cross bike merchant from Bad Honnef is one of the most successful senior-bicyclists of the past years.

During his sport studies Alberto already came in contact with STAPS and has therefore been a STAPS athlete from the beginning. Apart from our longstanding training support, we also optimise his aerodynamic position on the bike every year, to diminish air-resistance. Despite his numerous successes, Alberto, also known as Il Diavolo, has further ambitious goals apart from his self-employment: another rainbow jersey and to takle the Masters Hour World Record in the next years.

„Close communication and individual training based on my necessities of life have allowed me to pursue my athletic goals in a successful way!“

"STAPS hat mir einen Weg gezeigt, wie ich trotz Herztransplantation meine sportlichen Ziele erreichen kann."

Elmar Sprink

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Elmar Sprink’s history is much broader than his athletic career: During 2010 the 38-year-old hobby triathlete  suffered from a cardiac arrest. Her luckily survived and has spent 2 years between rehab and heart centres, bevor receiving a donor heart in June 2012. To think that he would return to sports was almost unbelievable.

After his first attempts to walk and initial ergometer training, the organ donation ambassador took part in a fun run, which occurred 9 months after his operation. He also participated in the „Rund um Köln“ run and came to us in August 2013. „You mustn’t be surprised, my heart rate only increases after a few minutes“ — this was also a great exception for us.

Since then, his athletic career resembles one of a top athlete: IRONMAN 70.3. Mallorca (2014 & 2016), IRONMAN Frankfurt (2014 & 2015), IRONMAN 70.3 Kraichgau (2015), IRONMAN World Championship on Hawaii (2014). After a few ultra-runs Elmar took place in the legendary MTB-run Cape Epic in South Africa in 2017.

If one looks at the athletic performance that Elmar has reached during the past months and years via coaching, one cannot imagine that we are talking about someone with a transplanted heart. Apart from his social activities and commitment for Organ Donation, Elmar is also an author and has released his biography.

Axel Fehlau

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We probably don’t have to introduce him, one of the oldest STAPS athletes in the ultra-endurance scene. Axel Fehlau — or Mr. Trondheim-Oslo — is the prime example for the STAPS coaching efficiency: high performance out of relatively little coaching time. He became known through different records on the recumbent bike and has participated 24 times in Trondheim-Oslo, which makes him the German record participant. 

In 2014 he transferred his athletic peaks from Trondheim-Oslo to the Race Across America, in which he participated with Anders Asberg (SWE), they won and established a course record of 6 days, 9 hours and 41 minutes.

What’s special: Due to his family and job, Axel’s STAPS coaching plan comes with an average of 10 hours per week. This also proves that it doesn’t depend on the amount of training, but the quality.

Marcus Baranski

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Reto Indergand

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"Dank STAPS bekomme ich mein Langdistanz-Training mit meinem 40-Stunden-Job im Marketing erfolgreich unter einen Hut!"

Katrin Meyer

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Boris Stein

Boris Stein

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Fortuna Düsseldorf


Roland Fuchs und Paul Thelen

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Julian Erhardt

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Laura Philipp

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Jan Frodeno

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Bart Aernouts

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Sebastian Kienle

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Patrick Lange

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Cameron Wurf

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Egan Bernal  und Jonathan Castroviejo

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