Portraits of our STAPS-Athletes

Tony Martin

Zeitfahr-Weltmeister und Tour de France-Etappensieger - Tony Martin

Our most successful cyclist? Tony Martin! The numerous stage winner of the Tour de France, 4-times time trial world champion (2011, 2012, 2013, 2016) and Olympia second (2012) has been working with STAPS for many years and trusts our philosophy.

After his successful U23 period Tony started his first WorldTour season in the HTC-Highroad team in 2008, which has been supervised by STAPS from 2008 to 2011. During these three years, we accompanied Tony and the whole team and contributed to their process to become the most successful team on the world during that time.

Since his professional start, Tony has been trained by the STAPS founder Sebastian Weber and does not only trust our STAPS test procedure, but also out training philosophy. Since 2017, Tony has been cycling for the Katusha Alpecin team, with which we also have a partner-like cooperation. His successes during his professional career have so far been impressive: between 2011 and 2016 he secured the time trial world champion title four times. Thus far, he had five stage accomplishments during the Tour de France and has worn the yellow jersey in 2015.

Aero-Interview mit Tony Martin

Trixi Worrack

When talking about Trixi Worrack and STAPS coach Björn Geesmann’s athletic relationship, one can safely say that sparks were flying immediately - which is backed up by both of them. 35-year-old Trixi, who’s riding for the German CanyonSRAM racing Team, has provided impressive successes since they started their liaison three years ago: In 2015 she won the German Championship on the road and in 2016 even a bad crash during the spring couldn’t hold her back from winning the German championship for individual time trial.

Deutsche Meisterin im Zeitfahren und auf der Straße - Trixi Worrack

When comparing this season’s preparation to earlier times, much has changed. During the beginning of Trixi’s career she submitted to the classical training with high scopes, although she knew better, which consists of hours of fundamental endurance driving paired with high intensities during racing. „Back then it worked out, many followed this training, but today it’s simply not possible anymore since we have to be in good form for races during the springtime.“, Trixi, now living in Erfurt, explains. „I have to say that my training has turned out to be much more qualitative as of now, and if I were to project, I do ride less than before.“

Eine sportliche Liasion - Trixi Worrack und Björn Geesmann

Katusha Alpecin

Zählt zu den erfolgreichsten Teams der World-Tour - Katusha AlpecinIn 2017 we will not only work with one, but two WorldTour teams. One of them is the Swiss racing team Katusha Alpecin with the captains Tony Martin, Alex Kristoff and Ilnur Zakarin, and this team does have ambitious goals:

#racetowin is not only the WorldTour team Katusha Alpecin’s hashtag, but also mantra. Since the 2016 season they won 25 times and to improve during the 2017 season, the team has reinforced itself - with 11 „new“ cyclists. The most prominent and strongest new arrival is the four-times time trial world champion Tony Martin. The 31-year-old German has many goals, but one is to win the opening time trial of the Tour de France in Dusseldorf. If he succeeds, he can once again wear the yellow jersey (which he did in 2015) and bring a home win to his co-sponsor (Alpecin) and bike manufacturer (Canyon).

To win time trials one has to count on physique and mind, but also material and aerodynamics. That’s why Katusha Alpecin focuses on our expertise and together we work on aerodynamics, to hunt seconds and possible optimizations. To do this, we visit the team’s training camp (Valencia / Costa Blanca) with sport scientists and physiotherapists, or optimize athletes in our „regional“  velodromes in Buettgen and Augsburg.

In 2017 we want to give our best possible input, to drive with Tony and the Katusha Alpecin team in „yellow“!

Aero-Partnerschaft von STAPS und Katusha Alpecin


To improve the aerodynamics of humans and machines — that’s one of our biggest projects on which we place great importance at STAPS. Optimal aerodynamics during a triathlon has to consider two essential aspects: To minimize the air resistance of the human, machine and material setup, while providing stability and comfort which contributes to the performance development during the second event. The Koblenz-based bike manufacturer Canyon has counted on our aerodynamics expertise since 2016, and we cooperated with the manufacturer on the aerodynamic sector and optimized nearly every Canon triathlete.

Die Aerodynamik der Canyon-Triathleten optimiert - Boris SteinThe success we had is impressive: After our aero-fittings with Boris Stein and Patrick Lange during August 2016, both achieved superior outcomes during the Hawaiian Ironman and nailed down the fastest bike split (Boris Stein), as well as the third overall position (Patrick Lange). We could further convince other Canyon triathletes with our aero concept and have optimized Markus Fachbach, Daniela Saemmler, Camilla Pedersen and Nils Frommhold regarding their speed maximums.

Aerodynamik auf neuem Level - STAPS meets Canyon

Tim Rose

Auf dem Weg zum Ironman Hawaii - Tim Rose

After three years of being a cyclist, Tim enters his by now fifth season as a triathlete. Since the summer of 2016 the 20-year-old has been supported by us and his performance curve has been climbing up the scale since then. His biggest successes during the past season have been second place AK in the Challenge Paguera, third place AK in the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, as well as fourth place AK in the Ironman 70.3 in Zell am See. Thanks to these strong results, Tim has qualified for the World Championship of the Challenge family in Samorin (Slovakia) and now wants to reach a good position during the championship. This year’s biggest goal is the qualification for the Ironman World Championship on Hawaii. To do this, he has to do good in the Ironman premiere in Hamburg.


Tirol Cycling Team

STAPS history in professional bicycle racing is long: in 2007 we supervised the newly founded T-Mobile team, the first WorldTour team, and during the following years other successful teams followed, like the HTC-Highroad team (2008-2011), the Katusha team (2012-2013), the Cannondale team (2014-2016) and Katusha Alpecin (since 2017).

They might not be present in the WorldTour, but they are not less professional when it comes to training, we are talking about the time between 2012 and 2016 and the Austrian Continental team Tirol Cycling Team. Sponsored by the Tyrolese tourism association and regional companies, the Tirol Team is considered to be one of the biggest talent pools in Austria and produced top-cyclists like Marco Haller, Lukas Poestlberger, Georg Preidler, Patrick Konrad and Gregor Muehlberger.

Since 2012, numerous cyclists of the team have been professionally cared for by STAPS coach Björn Geesmann. Mutual training camps, professional workout programs, STAPS performance diagnoses - during this time almost no difference could be recognized when compared to WorldTour teams. And the Tirol Cycling Team has been greatly successful: A few WorldTour athletes like Lukas Poestlberger and Gregor Muehlberger emerged and the team has gained numerous prestigious victories in national and international races. Every year the team conquers places on the podium in national championships and they planted the „Glocknerkönig“ Gregor Mühlberger at the International Austrian Round Trip in 2014.

Daniela Sämmler

Ironman-Athletin und Siegerin des Ironman Mallorcas - Daniela Sämmler

The 28-year-old professional triathlete from Darmstadt (photo credits: Tom Tittmann) is not only a member of the Erdinger-Alkoholfrei team but also mother to a son. She has been passionate about triathlon since the age of twelve. Although she is still young, Daniela has made her mark in long-distance competitions: she won the Ironman Mallora in 2015 and came in third in the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt in 2016.

Since 2017, Daniela has put her trust in our know-how: we assist her in the fields of performance diagnostics, counselling on sports science, and aerodynamics testings.

“I am very grateful to have STAPS as a strong partner. Regular performance diagnostics are essential to adapt my professional training. Furthermore, the velodrome has helped me shape my sitting position and aerodynamics. We’ve been able to improve things significantly: my position on the bike is more stable, more comfortable, and more aerodynamic to an extent that can even be measured.”

We are looking forward to seeing Daniela’s further development and wish her all the best for the future!


Gregor Muehlberger

Gregor Muehlberger is undoubtedly on of the biggest talents of Austrian bicycle racing. Bevor switching to the WorldTour team BORA-hansgrohe in 2017, the young man has been supported by STAPS coach Björn Geesmann since 2012 and managed to achieve impressive progress.

During his first U23 season Gregor managed to show his talent and versatility and collected many placings for the Tirol Cycling Team, bevor breaking through in 2014. He won hard day-races like the Trofeo Piva (1.2U), the overall ranking of the Carpathian Couriers Race (2.2U), and the prestigious „Glocknerkoenig“ title of the International  Austrian Round Trip(2.HC), as well as national street and time trial championships of the U23. In 2015 he went for the overall ranking of the Friedensfahrt (2.Ncup) and qualified for better tasks.

BORA-hansgrohe Profi - Gregor MühlbergerDuring the 2016 season Gregor ran as a neo-professional for the BORA-ARGON18 (Pro-Continental) team and has been transferred to the coaching team of BORA-hansgrohe in 2017.

„The whole training became much more precise and efficient. If you look at my achievements, outcomes and successes, you can see that my body reacts perfectly to the training!“


Elmar Sprink

Elmar Sprink

Elmar Sprink’s history is much broader than his athletic career: During 2010 the 38-year-old hobby triathlete  suffered from a cardiac arrest. Her luckily survived and has spent 2 years between rehab and heart centres, bevor receiving a donor heart in June 2012. To think that he would return to sports was almost unbelievable.

After his first attempts to walk and initial ergometer training, the organ donation ambassador took part in a fun run, which occurred 9 months after his operation. He also participated in the „Rund um Köln“ run and came to us in August 2013. „You mustn’t be surprised, my heart rate only increases after a few minutes“ — this was also a great exception for us.

Since then, his athletic career resembles one of a top athlete: IRONMAN 70.3. Mallorca (2014 & 2016), IRONMAN Frankfurt (2014 & 2015), IRONMAN 70.3 Kraichgau (2015), IRONMAN World Championship on Hawaii (2014). After a few ultra-runs Elmar took place in the legendary MTB-run Cape Epic in South Africa in 2017.

If one looks at the athletic performance that Elmar has reached during the past months and years via coaching, one cannot imagine that we are talking about someone with a transplanted heart. Apart from his social activities and commitment for Organ Donation, Elmar is also an author and has released his biography.


Stefan Schlegel

„You can reach everything in life, if you really want it.“ A saying that not only perfectly describes Stefan Schlegel’s philosophy of life, but also his cyclist-life. Stefan is one of the most successful ultra-endurance athletes of the past years and made a name for himself with his solo participations during the Race Across America in 2012 and 2014.

When he finished the 2012 RAAM on 10th place, he knew that he had to participate in this special race again. Since 2013 the 38-year-old personal trainer from Hirschberg has been a STAPS athlete and together, we prepared for the RAAM 2014 - where he reached 5th place on the first day, even though he he had a severe fall.

Stefan Schlegel

Stefan returned to the RAAM in 2016, but had to prematurely drop out, because of knee problems. Has this been the last ultra-race for him? We are sure that he will try again! And we are also happy that he benefited from our expertise and long experience in the ultra-endurance sector, to reach his athletic goals, and hope to accompany him further.


Axel Fehlau

Axel Fehlau

We probably don’t have to introduce him, one of the oldest STAPS athletes in the ultra-endurance scene. Axel Fehlau — or Mr. Trondheim-Oslo — is the prime example for the STAPS coaching efficiency: high performance out of relatively little coaching time. He became known through different records on the recumbent bike and has participated 24 times in Trondheim-Oslo, which makes him the German record participant. In 2014 he transferred his athletic peaks from Trondheim-Oslo to the Race Across America, in which he participated with Anders Asberg (SWE), they won and established a course record of 6 days, 9 hours and 41 minutes.

What’s special: Due to his family and job, Axel’s STAPS coaching plan comes with an average of 10 hours per week. This also proves that it doesn’t depend on the amount of training, but the quality.

Ralf Schön

Ralf Schoen might be the prime example of a STAPS athlete. The 48-year-old business consultant continued his targeted training in 2010, after being absent from the triathlon scene for 20 years, and has been supported by STAPS since then. His biggest athletic success was to finish the Hawaiian Ironman in 2013. With targeted and efficient training, he qualified for the world championship with 12.5 hrs per week. In 2014 he switched to the 70.3 distance, also with a successful qualification for the world championship in Canada (2014) and Australia (2016). In 2017 Ralf topped his triathlon career with a qualification for both world championships: the 70.3 in Tennessee and the Ironman world championship on Hawaii.

Ralf Schön

„I love the training’s analytics and efficiency. Since I am a business consultant, I know how important great consultation and accompaniment are to reach success. The same things are provided to me by STAPS in the athletic and personal area!“

Reach success with 12h of efficient training per week!

Zahlenspiele – mit sportlicher Rechnung zum Ironman

Laila Orenos

Titel-Hattrick und Streckenrekord beim Ötztaler Radmarathon - Laila Orenos

34-year-old Swiss Laila Orenos has not only set up a title hat-trick during the Ötztaler cycle marathon between 2014 and 2016, but also holds the current course record of 7:42.29 hours of the 238 kilometer long Alpine marathon. The fact that she has worked with us since 2016 is a mere coincidence: in 2015 she applied, „just for fun“, for the STAPS on Tour in St. Gallen and after the STAPS diagnostics, she decided to let herself be trained by us for the 2016 version of the „Ötzi“.

To add the STAPS philosophy to her training has been a completely new experience for Laila, since she has previously trained on her own initiative and prepared for the races and the Ötztaler cycle marathon. That’s how she entered the season much earlier than before and could even get something out of the boring indoor training during the winter. „The right indoor training, paired with an intensive and diverse workout schedule, can turn out to be fun.“, comments Laila. Another new thing for her has been pursuing a real goal during every unit.

And the training did pay off: during the 2016 season, Laila won the Alpine Challenge and the title hat-trick of the Ötztaler cycle marathon with a threshold performance of 4.7 watt per bodyweight kilo.

Mit optimalem Pacing zum Ötzi-Streckenrekord

Alberto Kunz

A time trialist, who has taken part in national and international races in his special discipline during the past decades, will know who Alberto Kunz is. He has been the Masters-World Champion in time trial, two-times Master-Vice World Champion in time trial, Masters-Vice World Champion on the road and won numerous national champion titles — this cross bike merchant from Bad Honnef is one of the most successful senior-bicyclists of the past years.

AlbertoKunzHPDuring his sport studies Alberto already came in contact with STAPS and has therefore been a STAPS athlete from the beginning. Apart from our longstanding training support, we also optimise his aerodynamic position on the bike every year, to diminish air-resistance. Despite his numerous successes, Alberto, also known as Il Diavolo, has further ambitious goals apart from his self-employment: another rainbow jersey and to takle the Masters Hour World Record in the next years.

„Close communication and individual training based on my necessities of life have allowed me to pursue my athletic goals in a successful way!“

Lisa Brandau


Lisa Brandau is one of the most successful mountain bike cyclists of our times and has been supported by us since 2014. The starting point was peculiar: She wanted to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio (2016) and pursue professional sports. At the same time, Lisa was pregnant. After talking for the first time, we quickly found a mutual base between her and our STAPS coach Hosea Frick and they started a successful training and support system.

During spring 2015 Lisa gave birth to her son Max, who has accompanied her to many races since then. She used the 2015 season as a comeback after her parental leave and quickly showed her great potential by returning to the World Cup.

During the 2016 season, winter was more than satisfying, since Lisa secured the sought after jersey in national colours during the German championship in Cyclocross. Her start into the XCO season went perfectly: after a successful start on Cyprus and other preparatory raced she reached 7th position during the World Cup in Albstadt. This was her best World Cup outcome yet and also the norm for the Olympic Games in Rio. But we have not yet reached the end of our successful partnership. In 2017, we planned another parental leave, bevor getting back into being a MTB-professional.