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Daniela Sämmler bei der Challenge Roth


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BikeFittings und Aerodynamik-Optimierungen für Ihre perfekte Sitzposition auf dem Rad


Optimization of athlete, machine
and material

AeroFittings for amateurs and professionals

The STAPS philosophy

STAPS stands for individuality, highest quality and years of experience in endurance sport. Our methodology of performance diagnostics is unique in the world and helps us gain differentiated knowledge on the physiology of the athlete. This way, we can determine the individual strengths and weaknesses and optimize and improve them in the training process together with the athlete. No matter if you are a hobby athlete or a world champion – STAPS is the number one partner for ambitious athletes! [read more]

The team

STAPS ensures highest quality: our STAPS team consists only of sports scientists who due to their extensive expert knowledge combine both, latest scientific findings as well as years of practical experience. If you opt for our individual training support, you will work with a STAPS coach who will provide advice and assistance in the development of your athletic performance and who will accompany you on your way to your athletic goals. [read more]

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