Leistungsdiagnostik | Trainingsbetreuungen | Aerodynamik im Radsport und Triathlon


STAPS is unique,
effective, successful.

Achieve your sporting goals with STAPS

Leistungsdiagnostik | Trainingsbetreuungen | Aerodynamik im Radsport und Triathlon


Know-how from
professional sport and science

We transfer our knowledge onto your individualized training

Leistungsdiagnostik | Trainingsbetreuungen | Aerodynamik im Radsport und Triathlon


STAPS creates successful strategies
for endurance sports

Training concepts including
unique performance diagnostics

The STAPS principle

STAPS stands for individuality, highest quality and years of experience in endurance sports. Our unique methodology of performance diagnostics gives us a differentiated insight into the athletes’ physiology. This allows us to discuss the individual strengths and weaknesses and optimize them together in the training process with the athlete. From amateur athletes to world champions – STAPS is the first place to go for any ambitious athlete! [read more]

The Team

At STAPS the highest possible quality is sought after: We have exclusively sports scientist working as coaches who combine their rich expertise in novel research findings with years of practical experience in the filed. The offered individual training support will be assisted by an experienced STAPS-coach who will help further develop your performance and accompany you on your way to your sporting goals. [read more]

STAPS on Tour - unsere Leistungsdiagnostiken in Ihrer Nähe!


STAPS on Tour - Winter 2017

Starten Sie jetzt in die Saison 2017 - STAPS ist auch in Ihrer Nähe!

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